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Goutham A V


BSc Physics, Still Photography and Audio-Visual Production, MA Philosophy, University of Pune

Bringing in his experience and expertise in the field of arts, science, and humanities, Goutham A V is a APPA-PPAI...

Fahmi Abboushi

OH, United States

Hello, I am very proud to be a member of this prestigious association. As an APPA Certified Philosophical Counselor, I’m...

Tomy Ames

MO, United States

Tomy Ames is an APPA certified philosophical counselor with special research interests in memory, perception, emotion, and the self.

George Andersen


M.A. Philosophy

Katerina Apostolides

NY, United States

In my practice in philosophical counseling, I help people to think about how to approach situations in their life where...

Gaurika Bathla


Gaurika, grew up in North India. After more than 9 years of studying academic philosophy, her focus is now on...

Carolina Beaini

Nova-Scotia, Canada

Ph.D. in Clinical Philosophy and Hermeneutics

Kevin Cales

VA, United States

Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Ph.D., Philosophy

I graduated from Southern Illinois University Carbondale with a Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2022. During my time at SIU-C, I...

Victor Carrington

LA, United States

Victor is an interdisciplinary counselor and esoteric minister with 25 years of graduate study in social sciences. He has topic...

Leanna Chan


MA in Philosophy, CUHK

I am an APPA-certified philosophical counsellor based in Toronto. I am going to receive training in spiritually-integrated psychotherapy at University...

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