Name State email
Vaughana Feary, Ph.D. NJ
Pierre Grimes, Ph.D. CA
Michael Grosso, Ph.D. VA
George T. Hole, Ph.D. NY
Lou Marinoff, Ph.D. NY
Name State
Harriet Chamberlain, Ph.D. CA
Andy Fitz-Gibbon, Ph.D. NY
Merle Hoffman NY
Floyd Keller, Ph.D. FL
Kenneth Kipnis, Ph.D. HI
Nancy Matchett, Ph.D. CO
Kate Mehuron, Ph.D. MI
J. Michael Russell, Ph.D. CA
Wayne Shelton, Ph.D. NY
James Tuedio, Ph.D. CA
Name Country
Gerd Achenbach, Ph.D. Germany
Dries Boele, Drs. Netherlands
Stanley Chan, M.S.W. Canada
Ora Gruengard, Ph.D. Israel
Ida Jongsma, Drs. Netherlands
David Jopling, D.Phil. Canada
Anders Lindseth, Ph.D. Norway/Germany
Alex Kit-Hung Lo, Ph.D. Hong Kong SAR
Keith MacLellan, M.D., O.C. Canada
Henrick Nyback, M.D. Sweden
Ernesto Spinelli, Ph.D United Kingdom
George T. Hole, Chair of the Board of Professional Examiners NY
Name Country
Lydia Amir Israel
Dries Boele Netherlands
Vaughana Feary USA
Pierre Grimes USA
Michael Grosso USA
Ora Gruengard Israel
Will Heutz Netherlands
Ida Jongsma Netherlands
David Jopling Canada
Sinead JBL Knox Denmark
Peter Koestenbaum USA
Anders Lindseth Norway/Germany
Lou Marinoff USA
Massimo Pigliucci USA
J. Michael Russell USA
Paul Sharkey USA
Lauren Tillinghast USA