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The Systematic Study of Philosophical Midwifery

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Pierre Grimes: The Systematic Study of Philosophical Midwifery, online via zoom

Pierre Grimes has shown that the primary cause of a class of human problems lies in the rejection and ignoring of the depth and meaning of the Self. He will present the theory and method for surfacing what he calls the pathologos from his book, Philosophical Midwifery: a new paradigm for understanding human problems, that included its psychological verification by Dr. Regina Uliana. It is recommended that those entering this course review the Power Point Presentation, “PMW and Dreams.”

Indian Philosophy for Wisdom in Everyday Life

Next Program Date(s): March 17, 2024. 1:00-3:00 pm EST

Rick Repetti: Indian Philosophy for Wisdom in Everyday Life, online via zoom

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India is the land of yoga, meditation, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and virtually countless derivative traditions, lineages, and forms of philosophical, spiritual, meditative, and contemplative exploration. Various versions of these philosophies influenced the rest of Asia over the millennia, and in the contemporary era so many forms of yoga, meditation, and Buddhism have become almost as popular in the West as Starbucks. These philosophies mostly aim at self-transformation, inner peace, wisdom, and mental freedom. This course overviews the philosophical frameworks of five of the major philosophical traditions of India, and guides us through the practical techniques – several meditation and related practices – and ways of applying them in our daily lives.

Philosophy for Everyday Life

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The APPA Academy is open to Auxiliary and Auxiliary Plus Members. Academy courses are designed to awaken your “inner philosopher”. Applying philosophy to everyday life makes people happier and more fulfilled.

Some courses can be completed in one day. Others will run two hours per week for several weeks. Courses are taught by APPA Faculty, and count for credits toward a Diploma in Philosophy for Everyday Life. Enrollments will be kept to a minimum, usually 6-12 participants per course, to ensure maximum interaction.

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