The American Philosophical Practitioners Association is a 501(c)(3) educational organization, founded in 1999.  APPA represents a global community of leading philosophical practitioners. They deliver counseling and consulting services to individuals, groups and organizations. APPA trains, certifies and mentors practitioners, and offers courses to the general public on philosophy for personal growth and professional development. It features a bookstore, publishes a peer-reviewed journal, and has a YouTube channel. APPA encourages philosophical awareness and advocates leading the examined life. APPA’s members apply philosophical systems, insights and methods to the management of human problems and the betterment of human estates.

If APPA’s mission resonates with you, please make a donation here:

25th Annual Meeting: This year APPA will hold its 25th Annual Meeting online, on Saturday June 15. The program is here. The annual meeting is open to all members free of charge. Please see Events for sign-up form.

25th Anniversary Reception & Dinner. This in-person event will be held on Saturday June 22, at The City College of New York. All members are cordially invited. Please see Events for sign-up form.



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