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Katerina Apostolides

In my practice in philosophical counseling, I help people to think about how to approach situations in their life where they have to make decisions in light of what they consider to be important. Often it is from the dilemmas we are confronted with that we learn the most about ourselves, because it is then that we realize we have the opportunity to choose between different ways and spirits in which to approach life situations. Dilemmas and challenges plunge us into admittedly sometimes uncomfortable, introspection – until we arrive at the peace of mind and sense of certainty that comes from having a strong sense of how it is worthwhile to be. In the philosophical counseling community, we like to say “Do not waste a good crisis” – or, to take a quote from Albert Einstein, “In the middle of crisis lies opportunity.” We believe that moments of difficulty and even periods of angst offer us the opportunity to reach deeper self-understanding and achieve personal growth.

To my practice, I bring my background in political philosophy (in which I am a candidate for PhD at the University of Chicago and have a bachelor degree with distinction from Yale University) and my experience in conflict mediation to help people address challenges that come up in everyday settings, such as the family or workplace, where one needs to make decisions that affect both oneself and others. I believe that philosophical counseling serves one of the deepest needs we have as human beings, which is to actively examine our values and beliefs and evolve through this process. As Socrates, the Greek philosopher, said when put on trial in Athens, “The unexamined life is unlivable to a human being.”

I started my philosophical counseling practice, Eudaimon Counseling LLC, in New York City in 2019. During the corona-times and until my next update, I am counseling online from Athens, Greece.

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