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JC Van der Merwe

Gauteng, South Africa

My work is primarily located in institutional policy and practice with particular reference to transformation and social justice, while my...

Dionne van Reenen

Free State, South Africa

My degrees are in philosophy and logic, with the most recent being a PhD from the University of the Free State.

What better place to begin in philosophy than the discipline's most famous maxim, "Know thyself," which was inscribed on the...

Peter Vernezze

AZ, United States

PhD, University of Washington

A philosophical practitioner can place the history of philosophy and the art of philosophical reasoning at your disposal in order...

Monica Vilhauer

OR, United States

Ph.D. in Philosophy from The New School for Social Research

After 20+ years of studying and teaching philosophy in traditional academic settings, I've turned my focus to philosophy as a...

Jan Wozniak

Ontario, Canada

1. General Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Communications, University of Ottawa 2. Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy, Toronto Metropolitan University 3. Master of Arts in Philosophy, Toronto Metropolitan University 4. Certificate in Psychology, Toronto Metropolitan University 5. Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Disability Studies, Toronto Metropolitan University 6. Master of Social Work (Mental Health and Health Specialization), University of Toronto

In my practice, I apply a holistic process that is client-centered, interactive, and strength-based, incorporating insight from Eastern and Western...

Yik Yang

Ontario, Canada

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