APPA Agora #9: Philosophy for Everyday Life, with Tom Morris

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Tom Morris is a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, the recipient of a double PhD from Yale University, and holds honorary doctorates in recognition for his public work. After a first career at Notre Dame, he went on to become a public philosopher, authoring so far over 32 published books, including national bestsellers, while bringing philosophy to many of the best known companies in the world. Tom’s the author of books like True Success, If Aristotle Ran General Motors, Philosophy for Dummies, The Stoic Art of Living, If Harry Potter Ran General Electric, the highly praised short novel, The Oasis Within, a book about Steve Jobs called Socrates in Silicon Valley, and a book about dealing with difficult and disruptive change called Plato’s Lemonade Stand. His work has been covered by most American television networks like ABC, NBC, and CNN, CNBC, and in most major newspapers and magazines around the world, including the New York Times and the Economist. He’s also been described as the world’s happiest philosopher.

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