APPA Agora #12: Philosophy for Everyday Life, with Anders Lindseth

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Anders Lindseth (1946) is in Norway Pro­fessor Emeritus for practical phi­loso­phy at the Centre for Practical Knowledge, Nord University. He has been teacher of philosophy at the Universities of Oslo and Tromsø, and professor at the De­partment for Health Care Research, Fa­culty of Medicine, Univer­sity of Tromsø. He has been guest professor for prac­ti­cal know­ledge at the School of Design and Crafts, Faculty of Fine, Applied and Per­for­ming Arts, Gothen­burg Uni­versity. After retirement he moved to Munich where he is living with his German wife; two sons have left home. In Munich he has been teaching ethics and philo­so­phy of education at Hochschule für Philosophie. Since 1971 Lind­seth is a medi­tation teacher of the Norwe­gian Acem-School of Medi­tation, and now he is teaching meditation at Münchner Volkshochschule. 1989 Lindseth op­ened a Philo­sophical Practice in Tromsø and he is now offering such practice/coun­­­selling in Munich. He has been a member of the board of the International Society for Philosophical Practice (ISPP) and he is now a member of the scientific board of ISPP. Since 2017 he is teaching phi­losophical practice at Vienna University. Since 1997 he has been participating as practical philosopher at the annual International Mee­tings on the Treat­ment of Psychosis. In March 2019 he became honorary member of the Cuban Psychiatric Society.

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