APPA Agora #10: Philosophy for Everyday Life, with Ida Jongsma

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Ida Jongsma: was in 1983 the co-founder of the Dutch Philosophical Counseling movement in the Netherlands. After her M.A. in Philosophy at the University of Amsterdam she started in 1989 the Dutch Association for Philosophical Practice with colleagues. In 1988 Hotel de Filosoof (The Philosopher Hotel) was opened in Amsterdam with Ida Jongsma as co-owner. The hotel was the venue for many philosophical group activities for nearly twenty years. Among which courses for beginning philosophical counselors, training workshops,and lectures in the weekly Philo Cafe. Ida Jongsma worked with students, health care groups, in profit and nonprofit organizations. Post doc course in business ethics ‘the seven step program’ at Nijenrode University was used for trainings at Banks, Tax organization, Police academy etc. After 2007 Ida Jongsma worked as a volunteer for PUM, which is a non profit organization of the Ministry of Finance. They send professionals to undeveloped countries to advice and set up small businesses. She worked for instance in Bhutan, Mongolië, Bangladesh, Burkino Faso and other countries.

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