Philosophical Counseling, Level 2

Online Program: Full Certification for Philosophical Counselors

The Level I program gives practitioners the necessary tools to build a counseling practice, along with primary APPA certification. The Level II program provides detailed feedback on case studies, along with full APPA certification.


1) completion of Level I program
2) submission of completed Level II Questionnaire (see questionnaire here)
3) submission of between five and ten written case studies, in conformity with Level I guidelines (see guidelines here), Each case study should be a minimum of 750 words, and preferably 1,000 or more words. Suitable case studies may also be considered for publication in Philosophical Practice: Journal of the APPA.
4) submission of evaluation & consultation fee as follows:
— either $500 if paid in full with submission of completed questionnaire and case studies, or
— $300 with submission of completed questionnaire and case studies, plus $300 upon completion of evaluation and consultations.


After the above requirements are met, the candidate’s case studies will be evaluated by one or more members of APPA’s faculty, who will then arrange consultations to discuss them.
The consultations will total approximately 5 hours, and may be scheduled in person, via telephone, or via video conferencing, depending on locations of candidate and faculty member(s).
The consultations will be utilized to provide constructive as well as critical feedback on the submitted case studies, and to answer any questions raised by the candidate.
NB: Please allow 3-6 weeks between submission of required materials and commencement of consultations.

Full Certification:

Once the consultations are completed, the candidate will be granted Full APPA Certification, and a new Certificate will be issued.

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