Featured Guest: Lydia Amir, Ph.D., Practitioner, Author, Pioneer

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Lydia Amir is a French-Israeli professor of philosophy, currently teaching in the department of Philosophy at Tufts University and at graduate programs of Philosophy in Romania and Mexico. She also serves as a Research Fellow in the Institute of Advanced Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai, China. Amir has worked as a philosophical practitioner for the last 30 years. She is President of the Israeli Association for Philosophical Practice, a Director of the American Philosophical Practitioners Association, founding President of the International Association for the Philosophy of Humor, and member of various academic boards and committees. In addition to many articles and essays, Amir has published seven books, and is working under contract on several additional manuscripts. A board member of various journals, she serves as editor of two journals, one of which she founded, along with three book series; notably, the Lexington Series in Philosophical Practice.

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