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Wang Zhiyuan


Zhiyuan Wang (Ph.D., Nanjing University) is Professor of Philosophy, Neo-Existantialist Philosopher, Philosophical Counselor, Life Mentor, memeber of APPA, core member...

Vesna Lubina Westbrook

CA, United States

Trauma Integration for Sensitive People APPA-Certified Philosophical Counselor + Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (California) Offering Psychotherapy in California +...

Troy Williamson

TX, United States

Jan Wozniak

Ontario, Canada

1. General Bachelor of Arts with a Minor in Communications, University of Ottawa 2. Honours Bachelor of Arts in English and Philosophy, Toronto Metropolitan University 3. Master of Arts in Philosophy, Toronto Metropolitan University 4. Certificate in Psychology, Toronto Metropolitan University 5. Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a Minor in Disability Studies, Toronto Metropolitan University 6. Master of Social Work (Mental Health and Health Specialization), University of Toronto

In my practice, I apply a holistic process that is client-centered, interactive, and strength-based, incorporating insight from Eastern and Western...

Yik Yang

Ontario, Canada

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