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How to manage change?
How can philosophy help in family life, And/or the workplace?

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Who We Are
Founded in 1999, APPA is a non-profit educational corporation that encourages philosophical awareness and advocates leading the examined life. APPA members apply philosophical systems, insights and methods to the management of human problems and the betterment of human estates. APPA trains and certifies philosophical practitioners, who render public and private services to individuals, groups and organizations world-wide.
Live Better With Philosophy!
APPA offers free programs to the public, as well as Certification, Diploma, and Accreditation programs to our members.
APPA offers memberships to philosophically-minded folks from all walks of life.
APPA-Certified practitioners offer counseling and consulting services to individuals, groups, and organizations.
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Have a burning issue about meaning, value, purpose, ethics, existence? Want to chat with a philosophical counselor now? Try APPA’s chat service. If no-one is a available at this moment, you can choose a philosopher and make an appointment with them.
Philosophical Practice: Journal of the APPA
Founded in 2005 and edited by Lou Marinoff, Philosophical Practice publishes scholarly articles, case studies, and book reviews by leading practitioners, on all aspects of the field. APPA members receive a 50% discount on subscriptions, back issues, and offprints.
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