Dr. David Kaye received his Ph.D. from The New School for Social Research in NYC, and has taught philosophy at St. John's University in Queens, NY since 2006. Originally from Baltimore, MD, David's areas of expertise are Nietzsche, Ethics, and Social/Political Philosophy with a wide proficiency in Ancient Greek and modern, European philosophy generally. David prides himself, however, on the breadth of knowledge he possesses of the philosophical canon as a whole. Through a Socratic dialogue of sorts, David employs philosophers such as Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, Marx, and Machiavelli, to offer honest and unfashionable wisdom free, as Nietzsche put it, of 'moralic acid' for clients actually seeking depth from their therapy sessions, rather than a mere soundboard offering dime-store diagnoses and categorization.

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Nietzsche and Plato

"Error (belief in the ideal) is not the result of blindness; error is the result of cowardice." ~~Friedrich Nietzsche