Philosophical counseling can be of help to clients in creating time and space for conversation dedicated to giving voice to - and shape to - their personal values and ideas. Developing a more organized mental framework can empower a person to re-direct their life in a way that more vividly reflects their understanding of purpose.

Most of us want to be able to hold ourselves to a high standard of behavior and action; at the same time, we want to be sure that this standard of behavior and action is really our own - that we are not holding it on behalf of others. To fulfill our desire for authenticity requires that we truly inquire into what seems to us to be a worthy life, so that we can live that.

As counselor, I provide to my clients a space in which to sharpen and strengthen their own thinking, so that they may move through their lives with more confidence and clarity. Through careful questions and rigorous dialectic, I help clients to arrive at a fuller view of the things that hold meaning for them.

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