As freely acting beings in this world, we cannot help but look for the wisdom that can enlighten our actions and choices. One of our biggest challenges is discovering, not only the right answers, but the right questions. We can, and do, spend our whole lives articulating new questions and new answers. This is the beauty and privilege of being a creature with reason. Philosophy comes before habit, science, and even faith: it is the process of examining and deciding how to approach each of these. The role of counseling is to assist in a process we, individuals and organizations, are engaged in already: examining our motivations, purposes, and guiding principles, and the case-by-case connection these have to our actions and choices. Counseling’s promise is to make this process clearer and more fruitful.
I counsel both individuals and professional organizations towards arriving at clearer understandings of their purposes, principles, and selves as free entities.

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Katerina Apostolides grew up in Athens, Greece, and received her highschool diploma from the American Community School of Athens, Greece.  She then studied political philosophy at Yale University, where she received her bachelor's degree (B.A.), and at the University of Chicago, where she received her master's degree (M.A.) and advanced to ABD status, after teaching as a lecturer in the college over several years.