I was born and raised in Athens but moved to Rome to study Architecture and Urban Planning, where I lived and worked for 18 years. I am currently working in both cities.

I have been spending most of my life practicing sports and living in the fitness and wellness world, studying and examining all the disciplines that can serve in improving life quality. After realizing that some of them are ill-suited or not easily adaptable to the present historical moment, I have been looking for a way to insert them in our current context.

I have created the SATI DYnamic system of methods to develop awareness in all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and relational) and I'm holding workshops and retreats worldwide.

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Graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning in Rome, Bio-Architecture and Feng Shui consultant, naturopath with specialization in natural nutrition, kinesiologist, yoga instructor and personal trainer with a great passion about functional training, author for the wellbeing magazine www.piubenessere.it, I examine thoroughly, with a philosophical approach, everything that can raise the quality of life.

The whole of my studying and professional experiences has brought me to focus on my vocation: the research of physical, mental and psychological balance and the overall wellbeing:

- through the environment where we live, work and move (our house is our third skin)
- through our lifestyle and our life rhythm… (direct contact with the nature intended either as a nutrition choice as well as habits, hobbies and sites where each of them is taking place)
- through a healthy body and mind training that leads to a constant and continuous physical and psychological rebalancing and wellbeing
- through healthy personal and social relationships
- through interactions with any kind of art and activity able to raise creativity and spirituality leading to personal growth
- through the attempt to define wellbeing in its entirety and to sensitize the common consciousness

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Spinoza, Confucius, Lao Tzu

Observe the impermanence of illusion