My goal is to open an nonjudgmental holding space where one can encounter facets of themselves that may become the fertilization of growth, self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-realization, and authenticity. It is the space between us where we appear both to our self and the other. Hence, human connection and relationship is vital in our healing, growth, and development as human beings.

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I have worked in higher education since 2001, teaching in both Communication and Philosophy.  I completed my PhD in Philosophy in December 2017 and am currently teaching and doing Philosophic Counseling. My areas of specialization are Ethics, Social Philosophy, and Critical Theory, with competencies in Aesthetics, Pragmatism, and Feminism. My focus of research that deeply influences my philosophic counseling is Trauma. I hold a summer workshop on this topic and continue to study and move forward in professional development in Trauma Studies.

Kant, Arendt, Judith Butler, Hegel, Nietzsche, Dewey, Adorno, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, and really anything Continental and Critical Turn or Post Critical Turn.

The man who has no tincture of philosophy goes through life imprisoned in the prejudices derived from common sense, from the habitual beliefs of his age or nation, and from the convictions which have grown up in his mind without the cooperation of his deliberate reason - Bertrand Russell