Meditation & Mental Freedom

Date(s): 05/17/2018
Starts: 7:00 pm
Ends: 9:00 pm
Organizer: Rick Repetti

Phone: 7183368400

Location: Natural Balance Massage & Welnness Center
Address: 3013 Quentin Rd., Brooklyn NY 11234


“The mind is the forerunner of all things” – the Buddha The Buddha, consummate meditation master, is saying that the mind is the steering wheel and control center of all our experience. He taught that meditation is the way to grab hold of and train your mind. Only recently, has neuroscience begun to confirm the multiple health benefits of this ancient practice. Meditation is now mainstream, adopted by many companies and entities: Google, the Military, Sports teams, Psychotherapy and Medicine. It has a powerfully transformative potential. In these sessions, you will learn how to use meditation to grab hold of your inner steering wheel and cultivate greater free will, and greater control of your choices and actions. Mental freedom is yours if you make the effort to learn the radically transforming techniques we will cover here. Meditation is effective and powerful. Learn how.